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Ages 8 years old to 17 years old                         90 minute classes

10:1 child to coach ratio

Our Tumbling classes are designed to introduce beginner and intermediate tumbling skills on Floor, Trampoline and Tumbl Trak to those with little or no previous experience and challenge those who are veterans to the sport.  We introduce basic skills and prepare tumblers for everything from forward rolls to back tucks.  Coaches emphasize the importance of strength and flexibility, helping tumblers to gain confidence and body awareness.

Our Tumbling classes are designed to improve specific skills for tumbling, dance, jumps, motions and self-confidence.  Perfect for cheerleaders, dancers or beginners training for other sports, our coaches strive to teach proper body form and technique.  Every participant will gain increased motor skills, coordination, strength and muscle development.  All classes in our tumbling program are co-ed – open for both boys and girls.

135 Sherwood Avenue, Cedar Point, NC 28584